Yard Machines Snow Blowers

yard machinesYard Machines is a company that appreciates the fact that its consumers work hard, and because of that they are committed to making machines that work hard for their customers. They believe in producing snow blowers and other outdoor tools that can get the job done right the first time, every time. This company was founded in the 1930s as a tool and die making operation, and they have kept the values of their original owners throughout the years. Those values are a commitment to making machines that hold up to rigorous use over time.

Because of that commitment, you can count on Yard Machines snow blowers to be some of the toughest and hardest working machines on the market. These are not fancy toys that have lots of bells and whistles – they are work horses that you can rely on over the long term. Made with durable parts and designed to have serious snow clearing ability, Yard Machines snow blowers are the real deal. Whether you need a single-stage or two-stage model, Yard Machines has the right one for you.

1. Yard Machines Snow Blower Highlights

1a. Real clearance ability

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to get a single-stage snow blower to keep a moderately sized driveway clear during the winter or you choose to go with a two-stage snow blower for big jobs. Either way, with a Yard Machines model you are going to be getting serious snow clearing ability. And that is what is most important when you are looking for a new snow blower.

That’s because without real snow clearing ability, you are not going to be able to take care of serious jobs with the kind of speed and efficiency you need. Owning a snow blower is all about reducing the amount of time you spend out in the elements – so if you do not have one that can move a lot of snow fast, you are wasting your time. Fortunately, Yard Machines snow blowers have the kind of wide clearances and high snow cut depths that you need.

1b. Tough designs

When you are dealing with severe weather conditions – and that is usually the case when you need to break out the snow blower – you are going to want a machine that can stand up to the elements. Every snow storm is not going to be dropping easy to deal with, light, powdery snow. That means that your snow blower is going to have to be able to deal with hard packed, icy snow as well as it does with heavy, wet snow.

With a Yard Machines snow blower, you will have no problem with this. These snow blowers are made with very durable designs that are manufactured to be able to handle a variety of tough conditions. Because of that, you will have no trouble clearing whatever kind of snow fall occurs in your area. And just as importantly, your Yard Machines snow blower will last for many years of use.

1c. Plenty of options

Yard Machines is a company that understands that not everyone has a cookie-cutter suburban driveway to keep clear. There are as many styles of property as there are kinds of snow, and for that reason, you need options so that you can get the snow blower that is just right for you. If you live in an urban environment and do not have a lot of ground to cover, a single-stage snow blower will probably be just right to get the job taken care of.

Or, if you live in a rural environment and have a lot of unpaved roads to keep clear, a two-stage snow blower is going to be the machine you want for the job. Fortunately, with Yard Machines snow blowers, both options are available. Yard Machines makes outstanding single-stage as well as two-stage snow blowers. That means you will get exactly what you need to get the job done.

Yard Machines 31A-2M1E700 1110.50

Yard Machines 31A-2M1E700

The Yard Machines 31A-2M1E700 is just the kind of gas powered single stage snow blower that combines all of those design elements and does not have the kind of price tag that will break the bank. This snow blower has an extra wide 21 inch clearance and a super high 13 inch snow cut depth. […]

Pros: Low maintenance engine.

Cons: Difficulty with wet snow.