Warrior Tools

warrior toolsWarrior Tools, also known as Suzhou Warrior Machinery Co., Ltd., is a Chinese firm that was founded in 1998 with the express purpose of manufacturing quality garden machinery for export. The firm has grown swiftly due to favorable international response to its products, which have quickly diversified to include mowers, leaf blowers, pressure washers, tillers, and more. All items are manufactured onsite in Suzhou, rather than being assembled from parts bought elsewhere. Due to high demand and sales of over $30 million annually, production space has expanded to over 640,000 square feet, with 500,000 lawnmowers and 150,000 additional garden devices built each year. All designs are subject to a meticulous quality review by a board of 25 engineers, which includes 5,000 test starts and a 200 hour endurance test for each new item.

Warrior Tools is most famed for it lawnmowers, which come in three series, the Green, Red, and Golden Series. The Green Series is the most inexpensive of the three, with a rear mounted grass collection bag, and a hard plastic deck. The Red Series, by contrast, includes a steel deck for greater durability, larger wheels, and a choice of seven grass cutting heights (as opposed to the three height adjustments offered by the Green Series). The Golden Series are high end self-propelled mowers, fitted with an extra large capacity grass bag which can be optionally mounted side or rear. Grass is shredded to a fine, useful texture by the Golden Series’ mulching action.

Warrior Tools has broadened its portfolio over the years to include many other powered outdoor tools for homeowners and gardeners. Several models of pressure washers provide cleaning action for paths, cars, motorcycles, boats, and outer building walls, among other tasks. These washers feature a spray gun with attached wand, and a 32 foot hose. The firm caters to home landscaping projects with its lines of gas chainsaws, brush cutters, line trimmers, hedge trimmers, and tillers. The product range also includes snow throwers.

Warrior Tools Gas Single-Stage Snow BlowersWarrior Tools Gas Single-Stage Snow Blowers