Swisher Lawn Mowers

swisherSwisher is a company that does a few things exceedingly well, and among them is designing and manufacturing some of the very best zero turn lawn mowers you can find. Swisher lawn mowers are some of the most powerful and robust machines you can cut grass with, anywhere. This is a company that is dedicated to producing zero turn mowers that really perform well. Whether you are a professional who owns their own lawn care business or a homeowner with a big lawn to take care of, Swisher will have a zero turn mower that is perfect for you.

With some of the best engines you can find under the hood, Swisher lawn mowers have the kind of power you need to tackle big jobs. The engines support massive cutting decks that can cut wide swaths through the toughest varieties of grass without slowing down or missing individual blades. And these are machines that are easy to use: they have conveniently designed cockpits with user-friendly controls and comfortable, ergonomic operator chairs. Swisher lawn mowers are outstanding machines.

1. Swisher Lawn Mower Highlights

1a. Massive cutting decks

When you get a new zero turn mower, the most important reason for doing so is the kind of huge swath it can cut through a lawn. In fact, unless you are getting a zero turn mower that has a very wide cutting deck, there is almost no point in spending the extra money on one of these machines. Swisher lawn mowers have some of the widest cutting decks you can find. That is because they are designed to be used by people who are serious about lawn care.

That applies whether you are a lawn care professional or just looking for a lawn mower that can take care of a large lawn. Either way, Swisher lawn mowers provide the kind of outstanding, wide cutting decks that can get big jobs done fast. Don’t settle for a lawn mower with a narrow cutting deck. Find one like Swisher that means business.

1b. Durable design

Zero turn lawn mowers are meant to take care of serious lawn care jobs, and because of that they see a lot more tough use than other types of lawn mowers. For that reason you want to be certain that your zero turn lawn mower is made of the kind of durable materials that will stand up to a lot of rigorous use over the long term. You do not want a zero turn mower that is made from substandard materials that will break down easily.

Swisher lawn mowers are always made from the toughest materials you can find. Their cutting decks are made of durable welded steel with the highest gauges you can find, so they will be able to deal with dense, tough grass without needing sharpening. Their wheels are always made of tough pneumatic rubber so they will last longer. And their bodies are made of durable stamped steel.

1c. Ergonomic cockpits

When you are spending a long time in the cockpit of your zero turn lawn mower, you want it to be designed to be as comfortable as possible. No matter how big a zero turn mower’s cutting deck is, certain jobs are going to take a lot of time to complete, and you do not want to wind up sore or uncomfortable when you are through.

That’s why Swisher lawn mowers have cockpits that are designed with the user’s comfort in mind. Their padded seats have high seat backs for more lumbar support, and their armrests are adjustable so you are always getting the perfect fit. They have controls that are easy to reach and even easier to use, so you won’t have any hassles with operating a Swisher lawn mower. And they have convenient safety features to protect the operator in the event that any accidents should occur, such as seat belts and roll bars.

Swisher ZT2760B 11110.5

Swisher ZT2760B

The Swisher ZT2760B has the kind of maneuverability that zero turn mowers are famous for. It has a Dual Eaton manufactured hydrostatic transmission that is designed to provide high quality performance for the best possible maneuverability. This mower can turn on its central axis 360 degrees without stopping or slowing down, which means it will […]

Pros: Massive 60-in cutting deck.

Cons: Low grade ball bearings.

Swisher ZTR2460BS 11110.5

Swisher ZTR2460BS

The Swisher ZTR2460BS is a zero turn riding mower with a 24 horsepower, 724cc, V-twin engine manufactured by Briggs & Stratton. The engine has a full engine wrap and a full pressure lube system with a spin on oil filter for optimal performance. The mower has a Hydro Gear 2800 hydrostatic transmission with an Ogura […]

Pros: Ergonomic design for comfort.

Cons: Mower has large dimensions.

Swisher ZT2452A 11110

Swisher ZT2452A

The Swisher ZT2452A is a zero turn riding mower with a Briggs & Stratton Extended Life System V-twin engine with an electric starter. The engine is manufactured by one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, so you can be certain it will provide the kind of power needed to keep this machine working well […]

Pros: Powerful ELS engine.

Cons: Problems with sloping terrain.