Stanley Lawn Mowers

stanleyWhen you have a big piece of property to keep looking its best, you are going to want a serious lawn mower to get the job done. There is no point wasting your time with a small, poorly designed lawn mower that is going to have you pushing it back and forth over your lawn for hours in an attempt to save money up front. You want to call in the big guns for a job like that. When you have a big lawn, then, the name you should be looking for on your lawn mower is Stanley.

Stanley is a company that prides itself in offering the very best riding lawn mowers and zero turn mowers you can find. And they offer them at competitive prices that will make you more than happy to own one. Stanley designs its lawn mowers to be easy to operate, big enough to deal with large jobs quickly and efficiently, and tough enough to stand up to serious use over the long term. Stanley lawn mowers are some of the very best.

1. Stanley Lawn Mower Highlights

1a. Extra wide clearances

When you have a big lawn to cut, one of the best reasons to get a Stanley riding mower or Stanley zero turn mower is because they provide the kind of extra wide cutting decks that allow you to finish the job more quickly than you ever could with a walk behind lawn mower. Cutting decks on Stanley mowers start at well above two feet wide and have nowhere to go but up. Some Stanley zero turn mowers have cutting decks that have multiple blades and can cut a swath that is over three feet wide!

Whether you are looking for a zero turn or riding mower to use around your home, or trying to find a new addition to your landscaping business’s fleet, Stanley lawn mowers provide the kind of extra wide clearances that you need to get jobs done in less time. This is what you want in a riding mower.

1b. Ride in Comfort

The cockpits of Stanley riding mowers and zero turn mowers are designed so that the operator is always riding in the utmost comfort – and safety. Stanley mowers have padded seats with extra high seat backs, adjustable arm rests, and step-through cockpits for easier entry and exit. They also provide the kind of safety features that are important when you are operating this kind of heavy machinery. Seatbelts are standard on Stanley lawn mowers, and their zero turn mowers are often equipped with roll bars to further protect the driver.

In addition, the cockpits of Stanley lawn mowers are always equipped with lots of great additional features. Cup holders ensure you always have a cold, refreshing drink when you are working on a hot day. There are power outlets for operating external tools with the Stanley’s power source, and convenient compartments for holding gloves, safety goggles, or other accessories.

1c. Tough, durable parts

On a Stanley lawn mower, you are definitely getting a lot of durability. The cutting decks on Stanley lawn mowers are always made out of the most high performance welded steel with outstanding ratings and high gauges. The bodies of Stanley lawn mowers are made from durable stamped steel, with no exceptions. Other important parts of Stanley lawn mowers are also always made out of the best, most durable materials you could ask for.

This is important on any lawn mower, but it is especially important on riding and zero turn mowers, which typically are exposed to a lot more wear and tear than smaller mowers. Because you are doing much larger jobs with these lawn mowers, you want to be certain that they are made of the kind of high performance materials that will last well into the long term. And with Stanley lawn mowers, you can always rely on them to be made of the best parts.

Stanley 62ZS 11111

Stanley 62ZS

The Stanley 62ZS has a powerful 852cc, Kawasaki FX850V engine that provides 31 horsepower and a top forward or reverse speed of 10mph. It has a huge 62 inch cutting deck with two blades made of tough 7 gauge steel. The cutting blades reach speeds of over eighteen thousand feet per minute to provide the […]

Pros: Excellent maneuverability.

Cons: Very large dimensions.

Stanley 54ZS 11110.5

Stanley 54ZS

The Stanley 54ZS is a gas powered commercial grade zero turn mower with a Kawasaki FR691V series, 726 cubic centimeter engine that delivers a full 24 HP. The engine is cooled with forced air and has a 90 degree V-twin, four cylinder design and pressurized lubrication for more efficient performance. It has electronic spark ignition […]

Pros: Great safety features.

Cons: Requires some maintenance.