snap-onSnap-on is a publicly-traded yard and garden company which was created in 1920 in Johnson City, Tennessee. Originally, the firm was created to manufacture wrenches, which were successful due to their innovative design for the time. The name of the firm was derived from the five handles and ten wrench heads of their initial product range which could be assembled in any configuration needed, an arrangement called the “Snap-on” system. The wrenches were popular enough so that international sales began in 1931. The 1950s witnessed the start of a highly distinctive feature of the company’s business plan with the introduction of walk-in dealer vans to bring product directly to the stores purchasing it. Today, the walk-in dealer van concept is still a core of Snap-on and operates on a franchise basis.

Snap-on still manufactures many hand tools, including wrenches, but one of the centerpieces of its current product lines is its pressure washer assortment. These washers come in a variety of configurations, including hand-held, cart-mounted, and wall-mounted for different levels and types of cleaning. Both electric and gas powered models are produced, as are light-duty types good for cleaning paths and garden furniture, or heavy-duty varieties used for car cleaning, large driveways, and commercial purposes. The company is currently headquartered in Kenosha, Wisconsin, a state which hosts large numbers of yard and garden tool companies. However, production still takes place at the original factory in Johnson City, Tennessee. Annual revenues are $2.9 billion.

Snap-on has an extensive range of other tools, including those suitable for the garage, for construction, or for yard and garden use. These include a large assortment of wrenches, pry bars, plus drills, air hammers, sanders, grinders, and the like. There are still a number of socket wrenches in the Snap-on range. A full range of tool storage cabinets of all sizes is offered by the company also.

Snap-on Electric Pressure WashersSnap-on Electric Pressure Washers