Simpson Pressure Washers

simpsonSimpson is a company that was founded in the 1960s when Jack Simpson began designing and manufacturing pressure washers for painters. Since then, it has expanded to providing all kinds of pressure washers for both residential and commercial use. Simpson pressure washers are backed up by fifty years of design and manufacturing experience, and because of that they are made with the highest quality and provide some of the best performance around.

Simpson pressure washers are engineered with one purpose in mind: removing dirt and grime and stripping paint from just about any surface you may come across. And Simpson makes their pressure washers tough enough to tackle these kinds of jobs all day long and day after day. Simpson pressure washers are tough enough to stand up to serious use over the long term and continue to deliver excellent performance and high cleaning capacity. You can choose from a variety of categories with names like Mega Shot and Water Blaster, and you’re sure to find a pressure washer that is just right for your needs.

1. Simpson Pressure Washer Highlights

1a. Serious cleaning capacity

With a Simpson pressure washer, you are going to get some serious cleaning power that a lot of other brands simply can’t come anywhere close to. Simpson pressure washers are designed to deliver some of the highest PSI and flow rates across the board, and that means no matter what category you are shopping in you will always get the cleaning power you need. Whether you are buying a Simpson pressure washer for residential or professional use, you can count on it to deliver when you need the highest pressure and flow rates.

That’s because Simpson was originally a company that designed pressure washers that could strip paint from walls. You need a lot of pressure to be able to do that, and dirt or mold is a walk in the park by comparison. So regardless of the job that you might have, a Simpson pressure washer will get it done.

1b. Tough components

If you are a contractor or landscaper who is using your Simpson pressure washer on the job, you know the importance of tough parts. You can’t afford to have a machine that is not going to be able to hold up to rigorous use over the long term. But the same is also true if you are buying a pressure washer for use around the house. In either case, toughness is important.

That is why Simpson pressure washers are always made with durability and sturdiness in mind. These machines are really built to last, and it shows. In every decision about design, Simpson engineers always go with the more durable option. Their fittings are always brass, hoses are made of the highest quality material, and frames and bodies are made of stamped steel. Simpson pressure washers are designed to be tough and last over the long term, and it shows.

1c. Plenty of Choices

Simpson is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of pressure washers, and because of that, they have plenty to offer. They understand that pressure washers have lots of different applications in the home and on the job site, and because of that they offer a wide range of residential and commercial models. That way, you can always find a model that is just right for the type of job you will be using it for.

Simpson also understands that some consumers are shopping on a budget, and that is why they also offer economically priced options. This is a company that wants to put a high quality pressure washer in every consumer’s garage, and so they are committed to making their products accessible. No matter what your needs or how high your budget, there is going to be a Simpson pressure washer that is just right for you.

Simpson MSH3125-S 11110

Simpson MSH3125-S

The Simpson MSH3125-S has the kind of powerful engine and sleek design that will make it easy to take care of lots of different tasks with it – so easy, in fact, that you may find yourself wishing there were more chores around the house that you could use it to take care of quickly […]

Pros: Trusted engine manufacturer.

Cons: Fairly large footprint.

Simpson PS4240-S 11110

Simpson PS4240-S

Simpson PS4240-S is the kind of serious commercial pressure washer that is designed to offer superior power and performance over the long term. With an engine that is made by one of the top manufacturers in the world, it can consistently provide the kind of reliable power that you need to take care of big […]

Pros: High PSI and flow rate.

Cons: Cold water only & Faily heavy.

Simpson PS3228-S 11110.5

Simpson PS3228-S

The Simpson PS3228-S is nicknamed the “Power Shot” for a very good reason. This pressure washer packs a lot of power into a relatively small space, and as soon as you unload it you can see why. This pressure washer is not the kind of huge, bulky commercial pressure washer that you will have trouble […]

Pros: Powerful Honda engine.

Cons: Cold water spray only.