scottsScotts is a very old company, dating back to an 1868 founding by one Orlando Scott. The firm began as a seed company, spearheading the development of grass seed sales and achieving a “world first” when it offered grass seed in stores. The company eventually reached a million dollars in annual sales, and, during the 1950s and 1960s, branched into weedkiller and fertilizer sales. Scotts was bought by the ITT holding company in 1971 but purchased itself again in 1986, before a merger with Miracle-Gro created the current firm. Between 2002 and 2006, the company purchased a variety of brands and even several businesses, expanding its operations into new yard and garden related niches. Annual revenues are approximately $2.8 billion.

Scotts offers reel mowers, which are rebranded American Lawn Mower lawnmowers bearing the Scotts badge. The heat-treated steel blades used in these items of lawn care equipment remain sharp for several years under normal use, and sharpening kits are available for the moment when they finally become dulled by the grassblades. Moving on composite wheels, these lightweight but effective mowers can be adjusted to cutting heights of 1 to 3 inches. Cutting is achieved with five spiraling blades which provide a 20 inch mowing swath.

Besides reel mowers and varied grass seed products, Scotts make and sells a few other yard and garden care devices also. The snap spreader is useful for spreading many types of material, such as grass seeds, fertilizers, mulch, and various other substances. It is lightweight and features folding metal handles which reduce it to a compact size for storage. The company also offers broadcast spreaders in several different sizes, and hand-held spreaders for modest jobs. The broadcast spreaders feature the “Edge Guard” fitting which prevents materials from being spread to the right, permitting users to move along the edge of garden beds without filling them with grass seed.