PowerWorks Pressure Washers

powerworksPowerWorks is a company that is dedicated to the idea that every home deserves to have solid power tools that are affordable, a great value for the price you will pay, and have the kind of serious power that you need to get big jobs done right the first time. With a PowerWorks pressure washer in your garage or tool shed, you are going to be very well prepared for a wide variety of cleanup jobs around the home and yard.

With a PowerWorks pressure washer, you will get all of the reliable power you need to take care of big jobs fast – but because PowerWorks pressure washers are always run on electric power, you will never produce a single carbon emission while using one. And PowerWorks pressure washers have a lot of uses around the home, both indoors and outside. Not only that, but PowerWorks pressure washers are made of the kind of high quality materials that are built to last for many years. PowerWorks pressure washers have everything you need for big residential jobs.

1. PowerWorks Pressure Washer Highlights

1a. Versatile uses

There are a lot of uses for a PowerWorks pressure washer around the home. You can use your PowerWorks pressure washer inside the home or outdoors, because it is electric and will not produce any harmful fumes that can be dangerous in enclosed spaces. That means that you can use a PowerWorks pressure washer to clean bathroom tile, wash basement floors, or even clean stainless steel counters in the kitchen.

In the yard, there are countless applications for your PowerWorks pressure washer. Because your PowerWorks pressure washer comes with multiple nozzle tips, you can select the pressure that is just right for delicate or tough jobs. You can use your PowerWorks pressure washer for light jobs such as cleaning your windows or washing your car. You can also dial up the pressure for tough jobs like cleaning mold from siding, removing oil stains from concrete or getting grease off of grills.

1b. Zero Emissions

Your PowerWorks pressure washer will always run on electric power, which means that you will never put a single carbon emission into the atmosphere at the point of use with one of these machines. In these days of rising pollution and concerns about global warming, it is increasingly important to cut back on every household’s total carbon footprint. And one of the easiest ways to do this is by switching over to electric tools and appliances in the yard.

A PowerWorks pressure washer can help to provide serious cleaning power without increasing your reliance on fossil fuels or the amount of carbon emissions your household is producing. That means that you can get all of the cleaning power you need while helping the environment as well. With a PowerWorks pressure washer you will truly be getting a green product that will provide all of the performance and ability you need.

1c. Long Lasting

Even when you are buying a pressure washer for use around the home, you want to make sure that it is built from durable parts that are going to last for the long term. You certainly do not want to be spending your hard earned money on a machine that is not going to perform, but you also do not want a pressure washer that is only going to last a few years before it starts to develop problems.

On a PowerWorks pressure washer, you will be getting product that is really built to last. PowerWorks pressure washers are built of durable steel and PVC plastic materials. Their connector fittings are always built of brass, not plastic, which means they will not develop leaks. PowerWorks pressure washers have sturdy frames and big wheels to protect them from accidents. These are solid pressure washers that are built to last for many years.

PowerWorks 51102 11110

PowerWorks 51102

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Pros: Quiet & environmentally friendly.

Cons: Handle is rather fragile.

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Pros: Zero carbon emissions.

Cons: Cleaning power rating is low.