poulanPoulan is a Swedish power equipment manufacturer that is owned by Husqvarna AB. It was originally owned by Electrolux, but the company spun Husqvarna AB off in 2006, sending Poulan along with it. Originally the company was an American one, and it was based in Shreveport, LA. At this time, it was known as the Poulan Saw Company, which was founded by Claude Poulan in 1912. The company was purchased in the 1950’s or 60’s, when it became Beaird-Poulan, and was purchased again in 1972 by Emerson Electric. It was not until years later that the company was purchased by Electrolux.

Because Poulan is owned by Husqyarna, the companies share many of their unique technologies, offering a more diverse product line. The brand is sold worldwide, and there are now two different types of Poulan products, distinguishable by their colors. While the traditional green color of Poulan tools has always been the norm, the company has recently created a line of products known as Poulan Pro. These products are designed to be more upscale and utilize a black and gold color scheme. Both product lines include good warranty, and the company offers product video tutorials as well as downloadable user manuals.

Poulan and Poulan Pro manufacture and produce a number of different tools and types of equipment. Chainsaws and trimmers are among their biggest selling products. The company also sells tillers, as well as tractors and walk-behind lawnmowers. The variety in each category is fairly significant, offering gas and electric options for their chainsaws and a fair selection of mowers and tractors, and the company also offers the option to purchase replacement and maintenance parts on their website or directly. They also offer a vast range of genuine manufacturer accessories to accompany their product lines and to help add versatility and functionality to these products.