Lawn Boy

lawn boyLawn Boy is a company famous for its walk behind mowers. The company’s origins begin with Ole Evinrude, who invented Evinrude Motors. The company originally built strictly marine engines, though they later produced a smaller motor that was eventually sold to Briggs & Stratton. In 1934, Ole passed away, and his son Ralph became president of the company. It was then that the original Lawn Boy mower was produced. The mowers were made until WWII , when production was put on hold until 1946. Since then, there have been many innovations in Lawn Boy mowers, and the company is now famed worldwide.

Innovation is nothing new for Lawn Boy, who created the QUIETFLITE sealed and insulated engine back in 1958. From here, research and development only increased, and the company started expanding further into America. In 1970, the mowers were introduced with a two cycle engine, giving them more power with fewer parts and much greater ease of service. In 1973 the company introduced a key starting mower as well as the first cordless lawnmower. Three blade stopping systems were introduced in 1983, and the company saw the introduction of two new US manufacturing plants. Lawn Boy was acquired by Toro in 1989 and the mower has since been distributed to many mass retailers. Since then, the company has released the DuraForce engine that produces a remarkable 6.5 HP as well as a new line of zero turn mowers.

Products offered by Lawn Boy include a wide range of lawn mowers. The company produces a high wheel push mower with a Briggs & Stratton Engine, as well as a variable speed mower that is 3 in 1 ready and has easy turn wheels for easy maneuvering even in uneven areas. They also offer an electric start mower that is self propelled. In addition, the company also offers parts and manuals for all of their different mowers and models.

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