Greenworks Snow Blowers

greenworksGreenworks is a company that is absolutely dedicated to a business model that puts environmental concerns above all others. Because of this, they are always looking for ways to improve upon electric and zero-emissions technology to design the very best green products. Greenworks believes that you never have to produce any carbon emissions to get the kind of quality snow clearing ability you need during the winter. Because of that, they work to produce high performance electric snow blowers that can get the job done right every time.

Greenworks snow blowers are not limited by the fact that they run on clean energy, either. The company is committed to producing snow blowers that are competitive with gas powered ones. Because of that, Greenworks snow blowers have the kind of high snow clearance capacity that you need to get your driveway and sidewalks cleared quickly and efficiently. But you get that without all of the fuss and fumes of a gas powered engine. Greenworks really does make some of the best environmentally friendly snow blowers out there.

1. Greenworks Snow Blower Highlights

1a. No Emissions – Ever

Greenworks has a pledge to its consumers: that none of their products will ever produce a single carbon emission at the point of use. This is a company that is truly invested in the idea that you do not have to sacrifice power and performance in your home and yard appliances in order to reduce your carbon footprint. They consistently strive to find ways to make their products as green as possible. But they also make them high performance machines.

That is because Greenworks snow blowers are meant to be not just an alternative to gas powered models, but the all around superior choice. Greenworks snow blowers can help make the environmentally friendly choice the more attractive one. You will not only never produce a single emission with these snow blowers, but also never have to pay a dime for gas or deal with smelly fumes again. And you’ll get great performance, too.

1b. High Clearance Capacity

Part of the reason Greenworks snow blowers are such high performance machines is because they have some of the highest snow clearance capacities of any residential models on the market. The clearance capacity is the spec that is going to make or break a snow blower. You want to be able to clear a high volume of snow in a short amount of time, and if you do not have a machine that is able to do that, there is almost no point to owning one.

But Greenworks snow blowers have the kind of wide clearances and high snow cut depths that allow them to power through deep drifts of heavy snow quickly and efficiently. In many areas, these snow blowers have the kind of clearance capacity that makes them comparable to gas powered snow blowers. That means you will get all of the snow clearing power you need – and it’s green!

1c. User-friendly design

Greenworks snow blowers are designed with the needs of the user in mind. Because of that, these are some of the most user friendly snow blowers you can find. They have plenty of excellent features that makes starting and operating them easier than ever. And they are lightweight and compact, which helps to make it much easier to store and maneuver them. Their lightweight design, coupled with their overall ergonomic design, means you will have no problem operating them.

And that is important. In a Greenworks snow blower, you aren’t just getting a machine that is environmentally friendly and high performance. You are also getting a machine that is designed to genuinely improve the snow clearing experience. You’ll never have to struggle with a starter cord on a Greenworks snow blower. They require almost no maintenance to keep them running. All things considered, these are very user-friendly snow blowers.

Greenworks 26022 11110.5

Greenworks 26022

The Greenworks 26022 is an electric snow blower designed to handle moderate snow fall on smaller properties. Because of that, the manufacturer is able to offer it at a price that is considerably lower than average for comparably sized machines. The Greenworks 26022 has an overall footprint of just 43 x 17 x 35 inches […]

Pros: Very quiet snow blower.

Cons: Snow chute turning radius.