Earthwise Snow Blowers

earthwiseI remember a time when you could not realistically hope to clear deep snow from a big driveway without having to resort to a gas powered snow blower. These machines definitely got the job done, but they came with all kinds of issues of their own. Combustion engines required periodic maintenance to keep them running well. They produced a huge amount of fumes that made your winter clothes smell like gas. And although we didn’t know it at the time, they were terrible for the environment. And this was back when gas was cheap.

These days, thanks to companies like Earthwise, there is a real alternative to gas powered snow blowers. Earthwise snow blowers are designed to be able to handle serious snow clearing jobs quickly and efficiently. They have the kind of clearance widths that make short work of any driveway, and they boast intake heights that are comparable to what most single-stage gas powered snow blowers have. There’s no reason not to go green anymore, and with an Earthwise snow blower you can.

1. Earthwise Snow Blowers Highlights

1a. Environmentally Friendly

With an Earthwise snow blower in your garage, you get all of the advantages of a gas powered snow blower without having to worry about all of the drawbacks. Not only is an Earthwise snow blower going to need less maintenance to run well, it will never require you to spend another penny on overpriced gas. But that’s not all. An Earthwise snow blower will never produce a single emission that is going to do any damage to the environment.

That’s because Earthwise snow blowers are designed to be completely carbon neutral and totally friendly to the environment. If global warming is causing all of the freak blizzards we seem to be getting in the past few years, the best way to combat it is by not putting more carbon emissions into the atmosphere while we are clearing snow! And with Earthwise products, you will never have to. They run clean.

1b. Durable Craftsmanship

When you are dealing with clearing deep snow from your driveway all winter long, you are going to want a snow blower that can hold up to that kind of labor over the long term. That means that it is going to have to be made of durable parts that can hold up for many years. There is no point in buying a brand new snow blower if it is not made well and can’t last.

With an Earthwise snow blower, though, this is never a concern. Their machines are made of the kind of durable materials that you can rely on to last. No matter whether you are dealing with hard, icy snow or heavy, slushy messes – an Earthwise snow blower will have no problems with either. And their tough augers and durable bodies will not be worn down by these types of jobs, either. These snow blowers last.

1c. Excellent Design

Earthwise snow blowers are also designed to be as efficient and high performance as possible. That means that they have outstanding snow clearance ability, high snow cut depths and wide augers – but all of that power is packed into a very compact machine. You can get serious snow clearing power with an Earthwise snow blower, but you won’t ever have to worry about one of their machines taking up too much space in your garage or weighing so much that you will have trouble using it.

Beyond that, these machines have thoughtful features that make operating them very easy. With push button starts and controls that are very easy to get used to, Earthwise snow blowers are some of the most user-friendly electric snow blowers on the market. Not only that, but their design allows them to perform well and clear snow quickly and efficiently. These are some very well designed machines.

Earthwise SN70018 1110.50

Earthwise SN70018

The Earthwise SN70018 is a snow blower that really competes with gas powered single stage models: it has all of the power and performance capability that gas powered snow blowers offer, but it does not have any of the drawbacks they present. If you are serious about going green, but you also need a snow […]

Pros: Solid snow cut depth.

Cons: Not perfect for uneven ground.

Earthwise SN70010 1110.50

Earthwise SN70010

Earthwise SN70010 is an electric snow shovel that can help take a lot of the work associated with keeping your walk or porch clear of snow right out of the equation. It has a powerful 9 amp motor that can help you with most light snow falls. Its overall dimensions of 11.8 x 8.7 x […]

Pros: Environmentally friendly.

Cons: Small clearance width.