DuroStar Snow Blowers

durostarWhen it comes to clearing snow from your driveway, you definitely want a machine that is reliable and powerful enough that you will have no problem depending on it to get the job done. A lot of people figure – incorrectly – that this means they have to get a big, gas powered snow blower. But it simply isn’t the case. With companies like Durostar making high performance electric snow blowers that can seriously compete with gas powered models in terms of clearing width and per-minute snow clearance capacities, you can get all of the power you need without having to rely on gas.

And that’s important for two reasons. The first is that it allows you to significantly reduce your household’s overall carbon output. And the second is the amount of money that switching over to electric power can save you. These days, gas is more expensive than ever, and budgets are tight. And electric snow blower will give you all of the performance and ability you need without forcing you to spend hundreds of dollars on running it.

1. DuroStar Snow Blower Highlights

1a. Compact and Lightweight

On a Durostar snow blower, you are getting serious snow clearance capacity in a relatively small and lightweight package. Durostar snow blowers are designed to deliver real snow clearing power but not take up too much room in your garage or tool shed. That means that you are going to get a sufficiently wide clearance to be able to remove snow from your driveway in fewer passes, but you won’t have to worry about finding enough storage space for it.

It also means that your Durostar snow blower will be easier to maneuver around your driveway and sidewalks. Durostar snow blowers don’t weigh so much that they will be difficult for anyone to use them. These are sleek, well designed machines: they’re made efficiently so you can get all of the snow removal capacity you need in a snow blower that has a surprisingly compact footprint. That’s the efficiency you need.

1b. Zero Emissions

With a Durostar snow blower, you are producing zero emissions at the point of use. That’s no small thing, either: a Durostar snow blower allows you to get all of the help you need to keep your driveway clear of snow all winter long without requiring you to put a single additional ounce of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In this age of high levels of pollution around urban centers, the threat of global warming, and other environmental concerns, lowering your household’s carbon output is important.

The EPA estimates that snow blowers and lawn mowers are responsible for a significant percentage of the total carbon emissions households in the United States produce every year. So simply by switching over to electric in the yard, you can take a big step to reducing your family’s total carbon footprint. And you don’t have to get a subpar snow clearing experience to do it, either.

1c. High Capacity

You can enjoy a high quality snow clearing experience without producing carbon emissions when you use a Durostar snow blower because they have the kind of high clearance capacity that you need. With a Durostar snow blower, you will be getting a machine that is capable of moving somewhere around a thousand pounds of snow per minute when it is running at maximum capacity.

That’s a whole lot of snow – and it means that no matter what the conditions are on the ground, your Durostar snow blower is going to have no trouble dealing with them. Whether snow is slushy and wet or fine and powdery doesn’t matter much when you are using a Durostar snow blower. These machines can cut through all of it like a hot knife through butter. And that means you will be able to finish clearing your driveway and sidewalks and get back inside sooner.

DuroStar SD1300 11110.5

DuroStar SD1300

The DuroStar SD1300 is perfect for taking care of smaller areas that have a moderate accumulation of snow fall. If all you have to take care of is a shorter driveway and a few walkways, this is the perfect snow blower for you. As an alternative to big, noisy gas powered snow blowers, the DuroStar […]

Pros: Easy to operate.

Cons: 9.7 amp motor.