Campbell Hausfeld Pressure Washers

campbell hausfeldCampbell Hausfeld is a company that knows how to make high quality pressure washers. They have been in the business for a very long time, and bring years of experience to every new pressure washer they design. For that reason, you can count on a Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer to deliver reliable cleaning power no matter what kind of job you have to do. Campbell Hausfeld pressure washers are designed to be lightweight, compact and easy to use, and they have dozens of useful applications around the home.

Not only can you count on your Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer to take care of serious cleanup jobs, like washing siding or brick walls, you can also count on it for more delicate cleanup jobs like washing your windows or your car. And because Campbell Hausfeld pressure washers are electric and do not produce any fumes or emissions, you can even use them for cleaning jobs indoors or in confined spaces without any safety issues. These pressure washers have everything you need to keep your property looking beautiful.

1. Campbell Hausfeld Pressure Washer Highlights

1a. Great Power Ratings

It is not at all uncommon to find that compact residential pressure washers have adequate, but not very high, cleaning power ratings. On Campbell Hausfeld pressure washers, this is simply not the case – their pressure washers are small, run on electricity, and are designed for residential use, but they also pack impressive cleaning power ratings. That’s because Campbell Hausfeld is a company that believes that you should not be limited by low PSIs or flow rates, no matter what you will be using your pressure washer for.

With a Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer, you get the kind of high PSIs and generous flow rates that combine to give you a serious cleaning power rating. When you are dealing with tough oil or grease stains, or stripping loose paint from walls, you need more pressure to get the job done. And with a Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer, that is just what you’ll get.

1b. Compact and Lightweight

Campbell Hausfeld pressure washers are designed to be as easy to use as they are to find storage space for, and because of that you’ll never find one that is too big or bulky to be user-friendly. Whether you decide to go with a handheld model or one that has wheels, you will be getting a lightweight, compact machine that will be very easy to operate.

That’s because Campbell Hausfeld believes that you should not have to get an overly large or very heavy pressure washer to get serious cleaning power. With state of the art pumps and powerful motors, Campbell Hausfeld pressure washers are able to put more power into a smaller package. That means that you will still be able to get all of the high cleaning power you need, but it will be in a machine that is easier to handle, move around, and store. And that is the best kind of convenience.

1c. Perfect for the Home

Not all residential pressure washers are actually perfect for home use, but Campbell Hausfeld pressure washers definitely are. Because they are so lightweight and compact but also have serious cleaning power ratings, they are extremely versatile machines with a lot of different applications. Campbell Hausfeld pressure washers come with plenty of different nozzles for a range of pressures, as well as a handy soap dispenser for tackling tough jobs that require detergent.

That means that you can use your Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer for everything from blasting grease off of your grill to washing delicate window screens. You can take it indoors to clean bathroom tile, or hook up the soap dispenser and wash tough oil stains from your garage floor. There is practically no limit to the range of applications a Campbell Hausfeld pressure washer has, which is why these are the perfect pressure washer for use around the home.

Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 1110.50

Campbell Hausfeld PW1350

Campbell Hausfeld PW1350 is a compact and lightweight handheld electric pressure washer that packs a considerable amount of cleaning power. It has a decent PSI and flow rate, and because it is handheld you can easily take it anywhere its power cord and intake hose can reach. And because it has a 35 foot long […]

Pros: Maintenance free pump.

Cons: One year warranty.

Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 11110

Campbell Hausfeld PW1835

Campbell Hausfeld PW1835 is one of those hard to find residential pressure washers that provides a fairly high cleaning power rating along with an easy to use, convenient design, and does so at a very reasonable price. While many pressure washers with similar cleaning power ratings and components are considerably more expensive than the Campbell […]

Pros: Solid cleaning power rating.

Cons: Uses plastic connectors.