Brute Power Pressure Washers

brute powerWith Brute Power pressure washers, the name really says it all. Brute Power pressure washers are designed to deliver just that – raw and very serious power. And whether you are looking for a pressure washer to use on a big commercial cleanup job or just need a machine that you can use around the house, a Brute Power pressure washer is going to have everything you need to get the job done fast.

That’s because Brute Power pressure washers pack some of the highest pressures per square inch and largest flow rates you can find in each class. With a Brute Power pressure washer, you are getting a machine with a powerful engine that supports a state of the art pump. And you will therefore have all of the cleaning power you could need to get big jobs done fast. Whether you need a pressure washer for occasional use on medium sized projects or a machine you can use frequently on big jobs, Brute Power Pressure washers will have a model that is just right for you.

1. Brute Power Pressure Washer Highlights

1a. Serious Cleaning Power

One of the most attractive features on a Brute Power pressure washer is always going to be its serious cleaning power. Brute Power pressure washers have the kind of extra high PSIs and generous flow rates that combine to give them some of the highest cleaning power ratings you can find on a pressure washer of any one of its classes today.

Brute Power pressure washers have pressures that start at 2200 pounds per square inch and can go higher than 3000 PSI. There is little comparison to other pressure washers in this category, because most residential models simply do not have PSIs that go that high. With this kind of pressure, you will be able to cut through the toughest stains and even strip loose paint form walls in less time than you could with a less powerful model. That is the kind of power and convenience you want.

1b. Tough Engines

It would be nearly impossible for a Brute Power pressure washer to support that kind of serious cleaning power if it was not backed up by some of the most high performance engines on the market. It should come as no surprise, then, that Brute Power pressure washers are always equipped with powerful engines manufactured by Honda, a leader in small engine design and fabrication.

Honda has long been recognized as one of the very best companies at manufacturing all types of engines, including ones for smaller machines like pressure washers. With a Honda engine under the hood, you can count on your Brute Power pressure washer to have everything it takes to handle big jobs easily. And you can rely on the engine to hold up well over the long term, even if you are using it frequently to deal with big, tough jobs that would sideline a weaker engine.

1c. Durable Parts

When you are using your pressure washer on a regular basis to take care of big, tough jobs, you want to be sure that it is made of durable materials that are going to be able to last over the long term. It does not matter if you are using your pressure washer on a daily basis at landscaping and subcontracting job sites or just using it less frequently to clean up around the home and yard – it has to be built tough.

That is why Brute Power pressure washers are made from some of the toughest materials on the planet. In addition to their high quality engines, they have solid steel frames, brass connector fittings, and hoses made of tough PVC plastic. Their wheels are big, pneumatic, and deeply treaded to resist slipping on wet surfaces. You don’t have to worry about your Brute Power pressure washer: it’s built to last.

Brute Power 20554 11110

Brute Power 20554

Brute Power 20554 has a high quality engine that is driving an axial cam pump that can deliver a cleaning power rating that certainly lives up to this pressure washer’s name. It has a powerful spray along with plenty of options to make sure you are always prepared for any job you might come across […]

Pros: Solid cleaning power rating.

Cons: Only four nozzles.

Brute Power 20426 11110

Brute Power 20426

The Brute Power 20426 is a compact, powerful, and versatile pressure washer that is built to help you finish taking care of household cleanup chores in less time and with less effort than you ever imagined could be possible. This pressure washer is made to hold up to frequent use, and it has the kind […]

Pros: Ideal for frequent use.

Cons: Only three nozzles.